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HBR Publications


I am the lucky one that kicked off the year 2016 with weekends writing about UX for Harvard Business Review Turkey.

I am very excited to be the member of the HBR family and get myself constantly inspired to craft and share new content for the HBR community and stay at the intersection of design thinking, UX and business.

I have 5 publications so far and I am motivated to spread the words about UX more and more every month!

My articles are published in Turkish. However, I try to translate them and connect with my Medium blog to reach more folks!

Publications at HBR:

10 Books that UX designers can fall in love with”,  - 7.2016

UX Design for Little Fingers”  - 5.2016 (English here)

Music and UX: What Does It Mean to the Industry Today?” - 4.2016

Your UX is Okay. Well, What About Your CX?” - 3.2016

Why Should You Care About UX Design?” - 2.2016