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Stilnest.com Registration




Stilnest.com aims to increase the number of newsletter subscribers to take more marketing activities and promote new collections to create new medium for cross- selling and up-selling.


I redesigned the registration experience from scratch after defining the pain points, provided the ideal user flow and mock ups for development. Current solution increased the lead conversion by 300% in the first 3 weeks and 100% in 2 months.

My Role

Data Analysis, Strategy, UX, UI

Customer Analytics & Current Registration Flow

Stilnest.com provides daily, weekly and occasional newsletters to their customers, however subscribed customers are way lower than the customers who created an account to shop.


Registration process starts with "Account Creation", where the users are asked to provide an email and password, no opt in for newsletter via the form provided. After they submit, they receive 2 separate emails at the same: Welcome Email and Newsletter subscription email. 

Data shows that customers are more likely to open the Welcome email, rather than Newsletter email. Among the ones who opened, the percentage of people who subscribed for the newsletter is pretty low.

After all of these insights, I draw a more intriguing and less literal sign up process for the customers.

New User Flow



Visual Mockups

Users will be able to register step by step information entry in order to eliminate the overwhelming effect of the forms. Most importantly, the confirmation notification will be shown as the final step, so that more people tend to immediately open the email to complete the process.






Confirmation email would be act as the optional "Newsletter Sign up" for the customers. Using an accommodating imagery and make this email as the part of the registration process would entice people to subscribe more. 






New design increased the number of newsletter subscribers by 300% and registrations by 20%.

After finalizing the new design for the registration process, we tested old versus new over the course of 4 weeks and compare the results.