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Cradle-to-cradle Shampoo Pouch Re-Design concept to leverage production quality and decrease cost and environmental waste.

Project Overview

Smartpac pouch is a three-side sealed pouch with a simple plastic flip cap. It is designed to hold the same amount of product as a standard 355 mL plastic shampoo bottle and to fit standard cap sizes. The size and shape of the package are customizable, as is the shape, color and style of the cap. The pouch can be made of any of several plastic or bio-plastic options, and labeling can be printed directly on the substrate to avoid any need for laminates or additional labels. Smartpac was New Product Development final project for Design Management Program at Pratt Institute, 2014 - 2015. (Team Members: Lauren Foisy, Ali Akbar Sahiwala, Kara Schlindwein)

My role

Research & Design Strategy