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Service design to help lonely New York City seniors who experience mobility challenges in their walk-up apartments.

Project Overview

The pilot program will be a dog walking service and it will integrate regular pet therapy visits to elderly people in their units. Therapups aims to offer a future-shaping solution for a target invisible population to build strong communities and creative cultures. Therapups is  the final project for "Design Futures: Theory & Practice" class in Design Management Program at Pratt Institute, 2014 - 2015. (Team Members: Alaa Balhky, Rabia Dilara Cumhur, Maxine Morris, Kara Schlindwein)

My role

Research, Design Strategy, Service Design

Therapups will seek partnership with the Good Dog Foundation and the New York City Department for the Aging and apply for a grant through the New York Foundation for Eldercare. Therapups will launch as a pilot program in the Lower East Side with three employees, initially enabling outreach to 24 elderly neighbors.

This project covers various statistics for demographic transitions and trends, needs analysis, design solution and implementation plan.