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Website Redesign Project




Tilda, a premium rice brand based in the UK, was planning to refresh their website experience to improve brand engagement across the whole of Tilda.com,  with new design, new structure and new content. Going into the project, the team was aligned on these goals: Tilda.com should have an informative website design and engaging content to support ongoing marketing efforts.


In collaboration with First10 digital, a creative agency based in the UK, I worked heavily on streamlining the experience across website with pr mobile-first UX strategy.  I provided with objectives,  designed user flow, revamped site map, created wireframes  across different devices. In addition to UX work, I also prepared UI guidelines and provided recommendations for visual direction. 

My Role

Research & Strategy, IA, UX, UI consultancy



Web performance of Tilda.com

I analyzed the online performance of Tilda.com, popular pages, visits and read many different reports about the business objectives, marketing analytics and brand architecture. Due to NDA restrictions, I cannot disclose the data points here, you can only  find the top performing page rankings here.

Top performing pages:

1. Basmati Rice recipe

2. Why Basmati rice?

3. Tilda Recipes

4. Tilda Products


Results show that majority of the consumer are interested in Basmati rice recipe from Tilda, as well as the recipes with that rice and product information. It gives us a good direction into transform the website into a rich content platform where Tilda consumers can get as relevant information as possible.

Competitive Analysis

Tilda.com currently has too much focus on the product portfolio and corporate information, which is not quite engaging for their consumers. Plus, many of them discover the products when they are in front of the shelf. What creates value and brand recognition for Tilda would be to go beyond the Tilda products and provide quality content to contribute their healthy life style. Mobile friendly recipe generator, tips and tricks and health related content will be promising for Tilda.com to standout from its competitors.

First10digital team and I explored some companies that can be a good reference to analyze the content quality, customized experience and demonstrating know-how. 

Site Map


Mobile-first recipe preparation page

It is crucial to have a mobile-friendly experience for the consumers especially for the recipe pages.  Website should be designed in a way that people would easily navigate in one recipe experience, as well as their overall experience on the website. I created the mobile wireframes for the recipe pages to have an app-like experience by using sliding carousels, switching sections with navigation tab, etc.


Desktop version for recipe detailed page



I designed Homepage in a way to cover all the information available on the website in the order of importance to the consumer. Tilda.com will be a hub for health enthusiasts who cares about cooking home and reading about kitchen hacks. Navigation is also divided in sections accordingly so that users will find the right information quickly.



Eat Well & Live Well Concepts

Website has been divided into 2 main concepts to give an holistic experience to their consumers. Eat well covers a handful of information about kitchen secrets, rich recipe archive with step-by-step cooking instructions and provides a personalized experience by creating lists (i.e: liked recipes, tips and tricks, wish lists,etc.) in their created accounts.

Eat Well Landing page that leads users to the recipe pages, kitchen secrets, curated taste list and many other inspirational content around healthy eating.


Live Well Landing page has a content stream with posts about healthy eating, lifestyle tips for a healthy mind, body and soul. 


Other Selected Pages

I created all wireframes for the website, i selectively added the pages as follows.


Visual Design

After finalizing the wireframes, design team and worked heavily on the visual direction to successfully harmonize the website with the core brand identity of Tilda. I created UI guidelines and some UI approach to the team to make a good start on the pages. 

Home Page

Home Page

Eat Well Landing Page

Eat Well Landing Page

Live Well Landing Page

Live Well Landing Page

Quick Recipe Landing Page

Quick Recipe Landing Page

Recipe Single Page

Recipe Single Page



Now live!

You can check out the website here.