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Bunch is a new travel app which enables adventurers to maximize the multi-city travel experience.


Multi-city travelers often get frustrated by the effort needed to plan for multi-city travels since existing solutions fall short when it comes to offer the optimized combinations of flights in terms of time, price and relevancy.


Bunch enables travellers to combine the best offers in terms of price, time and location. Bunch notifies travellers when there are flights available for the expected price, time and location. Not to mention travellers can also link their social media profiles and connect to other adventurers.

My Role

User Research, Insights & Strategy, UX / UI Design

I'm a big believer of human-centered design approach. I started the project with the Discovery Phase consisting of gathering insights, understanding user behavior and current barriers. This allowed me to determine the personas, the journey and the pain points. I iterated different design alternatives based on feedback and finalized user interfaces accordingly.




User Research

The discovery phase resulted in defining design milestones, understanding user expectations and the existing travel booking landscape. After designating the personas and aligning with my phasing strategy, I was able to finalize which target audience to focus on in the early stages.

Customer Surveys & Interviews

Conducting customer interviews helped me to have a better and deeper understanding of user insights and behavior. Applying them on principal design components of the product enabled me to have a guide during the whole project - aligning design decisions and properties accordingly.

Key Findings

"What does travel mean to you?"

The motivation to explore new cultures and gain perspectives. The joy to get challenged at unusual places. The prioritization of travel as the primary extracurricular activities. Adventurers, power users of traveling, prefer to travel to two or three places in vacation, namely 60% of them. They enjoy seeing different places at a time but they also try to limit the number of locations, seeking an optimization. They need a solid and hustle-free plan before the trip so that they enjoy the experience as a whole.

“Easier to arrange, more flexible, still within my budget range, so why not?”


Competitive Analysis

Based on my online research and from interviews, I made a competitive analysis and heuristic evaluation to define the value proposition of Bunch app and its key differentiators.

competitive chart.png


Creating Personas

For Gizem (the restless traveller), it is beyond seeing what many people would like to see and experience. She prefers to go to the places which are more adventurous and challenging.  She uses multiple flight booking websites.  She likes to travel many different places and she is moderately price sensitive. Price is the most important factor for her since she travels all the time.

"Planning multi-city travel is such a pain for me. I am so frustrated by trying to combine options all by myself."


Cansu (Engineer & Blogger) has a very intense day time job, using her time efficiently and going to as many location as possible is very crucial. She is less price sensitive than Gizem but definitely more time sensitive. She expects to find the flights with the least flight duration with reasonable prices.


User Journey Map





Interaction Map


Visual Mockups

Introducing "Bunch"

Walk-through pages

I used adventurous imageries on interfaces to create excitement and appeal for new travel experience and vibrant mint green as the primary brand color, call-to-action buttons and notifications. 


Optimize multi-city flights.

multi city booking.png

Multi-city option on the home screen is designed to cure the pain of extra steps when users plan multi-city travels and have hard times while trying to optimize the most convenient combination for them. Bunch itself optimizes the prices, time and locations based on your choices. Bunch always provides you with the best alternative within your budget. Bunch gets rid of the frustration for combining multiple round trip flights that often end up by paying more and wasting time.


Find the best price for that month.

Adventurers, power users of traveling, travel frequently on flexible dates. That's why they are price-sensitive, wanting to minize their travel costs. Bunch shows them prices for the whole month, giving them the big picture and an opportunity to optimize.

Personalize your experience.

Upcoming flights will be saved to ''My Trips'' so that adventurers can track all information about their trips. It would ease the pain to arrange their booking information and make the follow-up process more convenient.


Explore what is popular among travelers around the world.

''Explore'' allows adventurers to see the most popular travel bundles that are combined by other adventurers. Using this ''exploration'' component, I aim to leverage the emotional aspects of travelling and help adventurers to focus on good memories, rather than the frustration of planning and coordinating with existing solutions.


Explore with advance search options.

Adventureres can also explore different trips with advanced search options. They can categorize flights by distance, season, price, region and weather conditions