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Mobile booking app that connects you with local salon services 




Walk-in is booking app for salon services that provides their customers with individual promotions and deals. However, they are challenged by communicating these values effectively to the target user. Company asked me to revamp their user experience to retain existing customers and increase customer acquisition.


I built the UX strategy and delivered various wireframes for early prototyping. I also provided user intefaces for particiular sections.

My role

 User Research, Strategy, UX / UI Design



Competitive Analysis

Walkin Competition.png

I looked into competitive lansdcape to understand the competencies and challenges of Walk-in. Personalization and gamification features are the key differentiator of Walk-in.  Collecting Walk-in points and personalized promotions will be provided to consumer with a joyful experience in addition to booking function.


Survey Results

I conducted a survey to understand the habits of users for using salon services. According to the majority of the respondents (70%) goes to salon treatments at least once a month or 3-4 times a year. Even though majority of the people uses salon services each month, most of them calls the salon services to book appointments.

More than 90% of them doesn’t use an app to make an appointment. Fortunately, the survey validated our assumptions about people's expectations from a salon booking process.


Some of the Key findings are:

1) Majority of them expects to have a personalized experience.

2) They are not familiar with "booking & paying  through the app" world for salon services industry.

3) They expect to have promotions and cash back opportunities.  

4) They expect to search salons and filter by different categories.


Mapping User Insights

Based on the survey results of 75 people from metropolitan areas in the U.S, I mapped on post-its by writing down their expectations and their recommendations on having a better booking experience. I wrote all the key insights into and cluster the similar insights. These insights gave me valuable insights into refining the key experiences and create the information architecture.





Creating the personas

I consoliated the main trends of the research and survey results into four different personas. I listed out their brief demographic information, occupation, goals, needs and motivations when I comes to salon service experience. Two specific personas I built the user flows for the prototype; "Miranda, the young and elegant" and "Alex, the deal digger". 




Sketches For Home, Location Details, Booking and Add Review Pages

I iterated my sketches before proceeding to wireframes. I worked particularly on homepage, location details, bookings and adding review pages. 



User search and customer experience journeys revealed that customers are looking for a more personalized experience when they are receiving a service. I further explored different wireframe alternatives for the homepage and decided to go further with the third one since it gives the opportunity to see more category links without dedicating that space to the search bar.

Most of the users specified that, they would like to know the estimated price range for the services and stylist information. I added the carousel of provided services along with their price ranges on location details landing page. I also dedicated a section for reviews since many of them indicated that they read reviews before booking / calling for a salon service.

I re-designed the "Adding Reviews" section and added  pre-filled sections to simplify the process for the users.

Visual Mockups