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foodora Design System

Redesigning the experience of restaurant discovery and filtering

foodora Design System



Delivery Hero (DH) is the global food conglomerate that has various food delivery entities, including foodora and foodpanda. After these 2 platforms have been successfully merged into newly designed platforms, it was decided to become a product blueprint for DH entities and we will continue migrating other brands into the same platform in order to reduce operational and maintenance costs. We need to prepare the platforms to perform smoother migrations moving forward.

During redesign project at foodora, we have already started building the foundations of our first design system: Cook Book. It was a great time to tackle it on a larger scale. We aim to build a brand-agnostic platform to support all the food delivery platform migrations and focus on localization initiatives later on.


Improved design and dev workflow

Improved code quality and design consistency

Improved health score for consumer tribe



How might we accelerate design to development workflow?

How might we build a brand agnostic product that reduces cost, time on recreation and provide more consistency in user experience?

How might we create better alignment in product organization and create a unique source of truth for all the stakeholders?


Design & Project Lead, Strategy, Planning, Execution


7 Product Designers, 1 UI Engineer


Web, IOS, Android

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