Foodora Global Listing Page




Currently, foodora has a handful of local restaurants in the area where we manage the process from end-to-end. However, with the global merge of foodpanda platforms, our market coverage drastically changed. Which brought us different challenges due to different market needs and expectations.

As the proven success of foodora being a strong tech team, we started onboarding different entities within Delivery Hero group, which has marketplace vendors. That means that people on different platforms have different expectations regarding the restaurants. Some people wants to order from places that has quality food. Some people cares more about the price, minimum basket value or delivery fees, where others like to see highest rated restaurant to choose from or seeking for deals.

In order to understand the needs and make a clear informational hiearchy on the listing page, we need to look further into which information that needs to be prioritized in the restaurant grids so that the listing page will work for everyone.



This project is under development and aimed to be released by the end of March. Final concept has already received very promising feedback from user testing sessions with our external users. After the final implementation, we will measure our micro conversion rate and check whether there is any reduction in time-to-order and back and forth between menu and listing page



How can we make our users find the restaurant that matches their criteria?

How can we design our restaurant listing page to accommodate 21 different markets?



Product Design (Research, Strategy, Implementation)


1 Product Designer, 7 Engineers, 1 Product Manager


Responsive Web, IOS, Android






Key Findings & Pain points

Talking to business owners and customer representatives in different countries gave me a great start to understand the common expectations and local requirements of food delivery. It also helped validate some assumptions and help iteration on that. I also conducted a global survey in collaboration with the Customer Retention and Content team. We rolled out into 21 countries in 10+ languages.





Initial Concepts


User Testing

We tested few versions in our monthly usability testing sessions in order to validate the information hierarchy and whether we add value with this information in decision making process. We found out that top 3 priorities for the users to decide a restaurant over another one are: Cuisine types, food restrictions and delivery time.





Final Design



I created a secondary component under our current restaurant tiles so that we would be able to accommodate 2 most critical information.

Designing for 10+ languages

Considering the longer translations and high decimal currencies in different markets, I used full line for this 2 information. I also re-designed the rating component in order to give more space for the restaurant name and flexibility on different width tile layouts (curated lists has a different ratio of tiles).


GVT Desktop.png