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People who want to order food online have a common goal: Choosing the "right" food as fast as possible. As Search & Discovery team at foodora, this is our on-going focus, how to make the food discovery experience a step further and stay relevant to what people expect in 21 countries.

Currently, generic list of restaurants in our platforms are too overwhelming for the users and it is not tailored to a certain taste and preference. Typing on search bar or filtering is yet another step for a hungry person.

In order to solve this problem, we would like to introduce curated lists for our customers so that the options are grouped in more relevant manner so that users don't have to scroll through too many places. We brainstormed various ideas that would make sense to the users. We tested different scenarios, layouts and content variations with our users and iterated based on that. 



We received significant conversion rate uplifts after the launch. It showcased a significant potential to experiment more concepts to move discovery experience even further. 




How can we reduce the effort of finding good food in the area?

Could we provide a personalized group of restaurants for the users?

How can we help our users make faster decisions?

Could we reduce the time spent on restaurant listing page?



Product Design (Research, Strategy, Implementation)


1 Product Designer, 7 Engineers, 1 Product Manager


Responsive Web, IOS, Android





Key Findings & Pain points

After carefully analyzing food ordering patterns, we have seen that people have already a type of food in mind. They care less to wait during dinner, more time to explore new, but going for the quick and more familiar options for lunch.

In order to provide the best options for people with different motivations, we tried to focus on answering the following questions: 

How do I immediately see different options for the type of food that I am craving for?

How can I easily find the places I ordered before?

How can I quickly short list of the food I am in the mood for?

Is there an easy way to sort the places based on delivery time?

How can I see all the new places at foodora?







Initial Concepts

In order to address the main goals, we tried to group restaurants in the meaningful way. That is why we come up with the idea of curated lists where the users can scroll through based on the most common food exploration habits: Order from the same place, filter the restaurant listings based on cuisines, order the fastest food and explore the new ones.

We tested few concepts to understand user's interactions and overall feedback with by trying different number of lists, layouts, imageries and copy alternatives. After three rounds of testing we finalized the designs for the first implementation.






Final Designs


Order Again from

For the returning users, we added the restaurant lists to give the convenience of re-order as we should consider high re-order rates feedback from our user testing sessions. Adding the list of restaurants they previously ordered from will not only give them a quicker access, but also provides convenience to the user when they don't remember the name of the restaurants.


Fastest Delivery

For lunch time orders, delivery time becomes the deal breaker. With this list, we aim to provide the users with the restaurants that deliver relatively. We would like to measure if the users convert more from this list during lunch time.


New at foodora

foodora customer base like to discover new places and it is not very easy to see them all when they scroll through a long list. We believe that "New restaurants" list will add value to the customers with easier exploration of new restaurants.


Recommended for "you"

Especially for the new users, providing  popular selections in their area is a good way to narrow down the list quickly. For returning users, we will have more information based on their past orders and we aim to provide them the personal recommendations when they come back next time.


Cuisine Selection

In almost all of the user interview and testing sessions, we saw that when people already have an idea what type of food they want to eat. "I am craving for healthy food, or pizza, or something Indian" to name a few.

We saw that adding a cuisine selection as the first thing in the list will already narrow down the options for them and help make faster decision on a restaurant. Therefore. we also aimed to reduce the need to use filters that requires more steps/clicks.

However the flow is a bit more complex than the others, we did not include this into our MVP. 




Cross-platform Experience

Swimlanes Cross platform.png
Swimlanes Cross platform_with_bg.png






We launched Android and Web platforms in the last few months with staged roll outs. After receiving significant conversion uplifts, we rolled out 100% to 21 countries worldwide. It gives us a successful proof of concept to further experiment with ideas to iterate and improve even further. IOS is still in progress and excited to see the results from it after the roll out.