Vocal training requires diligence, motivation and hard work. As much as a student is dedicated to learn, product or service plays a critical role to make this experience fun, easy and motivating. 

As the biggest product of Barcelona-based startup Music Muni labs, Riyaz should provide fun and easy to use application for vocal training to appeal the target audience: Children aged between 6-14.

I heavily focused on redesign of the Android app as their MVP, where I incorporated personalization, gamification and clarification throughout the app to serve better for the target audience. Based on literacy levels and attention spans, we divided the experience into 2 for children between 6-9 and 9-14 with onboarding. As the sole designer in the team, I covered the entire process including research, wireframing, UI and assisted the founder team for some remote testing. 


Improved the engagement and clarity within the mobile app

Increased app ratings and downloads






How can we improve the usability of the vocal recording screen?

How can we engage students to complete their vocal trainings?



1 Product Designer, 3 Developers, 1 Product Manager








Key Insights & Pain Points

Riyaz aimed to appeal 2 different user groups, aged between 5-12  and 12-14 who wants to practice traditional vocal patterns in Hindi music. The current app was not engaging enough and the completion rates were low. Based on insights from the founder's team and my usability analysis, the main issues were as follows:

Confusing and unfriendly practice screen: Unclear process of preview, try and complete a lesson

Lack of overview of modules and lessons at a glance 

Hard to track the achievements, completions and history

No incentive to complete tasks, no sense of achievement available






First Sketches



I explored different ways how to showcase the classes in a module. It was important how to incorporate meaningful triggers for the younger group for higher completion rate of lessons. I get my biggest inspiration from a successful self-training apps called "Duolingo" for showcasing the classes and completion levels.

Knowing that people like to visualize their accomplishments, I added the last score of the class and completion level on each module and lessons. Another goal was to





Visual Designs

Module color sequence.png




One of the biggest thing is to incorporate gamification, higher completion rate of tasks and repeat the tasks for improvement. Based on our discussions with the founder team about which verticals that we need to focus on to award the users, I narrowed down the options into 3 different badges: Discipline, Dedication and Proficiency.








App Reviews

“This is a great app for those who want to be a good singer. My dream is to be a singer & I'm learning classical music for 2 yrs. This app helps me a lot. Thanks a lot for this great app.” 


“Thank you very much for the app. I wanted to learn music and this app helps me to practice by sitting in home. The app is very accurate.”


“This app is a powerful tool for those who want to learn singing but can't able to do. I have been using it since a week and i feel change in voice and notes and results are clear to my friends as well.”


Want to sing or check it out? You can go to Google playstore and give it a try.