foodora Discovery Experience

Redesigning the experience of restaurant discovery and filtering

foodora Discovery Experience 



foodora customers were dropping in discovery funnel after they use search on the restaurant listing page and our mission is to provide customers to easily find the food that they are craving for, as efficient as possible.

We have decided to spend some time breaking down the problem space and explore some solution ideas to validate in order to improve the discovery experience, particularly for the users who interact with search.


This project is still under development. However, the solution for the search flow and recommendations are validated with users by using Key Experience Indicator metrics. Wee aim to increase the conversion rate for those who uses search after implementation.



How might we reduce the drop-off rate for the customers who uses search?

How might we provide a delightful experience for hungry customers to pick a restaurant they love?


Product Design (Research, Strategy, Implementation)


1 Product Designer, 7 Engineers, 1 Product Manager


Android, IOS, Web

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“ Dilara takes a holistic, approach to all product design pieces digging into the business aspect in order to create customer centric experiences, making complex flows intuitive and effortless for all users. Her deep understanding of native experiences alongside the depth of detail she puts into understanding metrics and customer feedback, makes her an invaluable part of any team. “

— Jani Kiilunen, Product Manager, foodora

In order to get more information about the project, feel free to email me and I am happy to share my process.