Tommy Hilfiger USA


Tommy Hilfiger USA was planning to refresh their homepage experience to improve conversion and engagement across the whole of, from brand to e-comm and in-between. The challenge was to successfully accomodate new customers and provide better experience to retain the existing customers. Going into the project, the team was aligned on two goals: The New homepage had to be more intuitive and attractive than before.


In collaboration with the Tommy creative studio, I worked heavily on streamlining the experience on homepage.  I provided with competitive reseach, defining objectives and designed new layouts for homepage across desktop, tablet and mobile.

My Role

Research & Strategy, UX / UI Design

Tommy desktop.png

The Discovery

Competitive Analysis

Tommy offers similar features to its competitors. However, homepage does not provide any box links that goes directly to product grid. That features is essential for customers to have a more streamlined experience since they will be able to go to product destination pages much faster.  User generated content widget is a promising feature for to standout from its competitors.


User Personas

Based on my conversation with marketing and e-comm teams and field research, I created these personas to define key experiences on the homepage that is relevant and engaging for the target user.  


First Wireframes

I created the wireframes considering business requirements and customer expectations. Among the directions I explored, I delivered different design concepts to the team. These are the examples from the first proposal. We narrowed it down to two options after carefully analyzing the development capabililites and limitations.

Artboard 1.png


Selected Wireframes for Desktop, Table & Mobile

I presented the final wireframes to my director to proceed with visual mockups. These are the examples from the final proposal for the overall layout. Call-to-action buttons will be alternated based on the theme and collections that marketing and branding team would like to push that time.


Visual Design

Homepage overall.png

I designed Homepage layout for desktop, tablet and mobile. I ensured the content will provide users with a more streamlined journey for product discovery and engage them with more personalized content.

product grid.png

Product grid integration that provides with a faster and more streamlined experience in product discovery.


User-generated content on the homepage will provide shoppers to discover more products with different styling options addition to product shots. It helps show products more vibrant and fun.

I designed landing page variations for when has seasonal sales and full priced items in order to show the variations in information hierarchy. 


I optimized the content flow to be used easily on desktop, tablet and mobile.